The first new moon of the new year occurs tomorrow, January 16th, and I am taking some time today to prepare for this lunar cycle by setting intentions and getting myself grounded. For me, this looks like writing my intentions down, cleaning up my apt, spending time in nature, meditating on gratitude, checking in with my loved ones, spending quality time with myself, and doing whatever else makes me feel grounded and at peace. 

 sunrise at Mt. Bonnell, 1/13/18.

sunrise at Mt. Bonnell, 1/13/18.

Some recurring themes in my "getting grounded" process have been to "slow down" and "trust the journey". Speaking honestly, these have both been the most challenging intentions for me to stick to. My "perfectionist" tendencies always stir up unnecessary feelings of stress and anxiety, which lead to unhealthy habits/coping mechanisms as a result.

That's why I made a promise to myself that in 2018, I will commit to letting go of perfectionist ideals, slow down, and just trust the process. I am using this New Moon as a time to recommit and reconnect to these intentions. Here's what I'm doing to ground myself in them:


I am slowing myself down by journaling in the morning. Even if only for 10 minutes.


I am cleansing my space and ridding myself of negative energy. 

IMG_4564 2.jpg

I am decluttering and being more mindful of where and how I collect clutter. 


I am slowing myself down by learning how to relax and do nothing at home. I am making home a space I want to be.  

IMG_4572 2.jpg

I am reminding myself to trust the process and enjoy the present moment by taking time to express gratitude for the little things. Scheduled meditations have been helpful with this.

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I am being patient with myself and holding myself accountable for my own well-being. I am growing comfortable with growing. 

Happy New Moon friends.