We're only one month into the new year, and I've already been feeling overwhelmed by what 2018 has been demanding of me. My work days and daily to-do lists have been longer than ever, and between being a grad student working through imposter syndrome and balancing "work" with my creative endeavors, I have had little time to sit down and check in with myself. 


I decided to change that this weekend. Instead of complaining and succumbing to stress & anxiety the way I usually do, I took it easy on myself and reframed my "busy-ness" as abundance. This is helping me keep everything in perspective and remember that to whom much is given, much is required. 


I also self-cared my way through the weekend by giving myself permission to relax, sleep in, and not worry about my to-do list. I woke up this morning feeling focused, energized, and glad that I finally gave myself some time off.  I find that when I give myself time to be present with myself, I feel less anxious & more grounded and prepared for the week. 


February is going to be another abundant month for me, but I'm looking forward to all of the lessons and blessings coming my way. Here's to another month of seizing opportunities, collecting blessings, and perfecting balance.